Past speakers and events

2018 AGM
‘John Dee and Prospero: Dee as a model for literary characters’
Malcolm Hebron, author of Prospero: a Renaissance Magus.  

October 2018
Doctor Prospero: the rough magic of John Dee by Stephen Davies
A play performed by Gareth Armstrong, with musical interludes, interweaving reminiscences of John Dee with scenes from The Tempest and songs of Ariel. It explores the many parallels between Dr Dee and Shakespeare’s Prospero.

2017 AGM
‘John Dee and the Polish Connection’
Nicholas Dakin, author

2016 AGM
‘The ordeal of Thomas Digges, John Dee’s most famous student’
Professor Glyn Parry, University of Roehampton

2015 AGM
‘Curating John Dee’: researching and preparing the John Dee exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians, and an introduction to the Dee collection
Katie Birkwood – Rare Books and Special Collections Librarian, Royal College of Physicians –

2014 AGM
‘The Dawn of Science: John Dee and the Copernican Revolution’
Lynn Picknett, author

2013 AGM
‘John Dee’s influence on the discovery of the Northwest Passage’
Dr Margaret Small, Lecturer in Europe and the wider world, University of Birmingham

2012 AGM
‘”In the labyrinth”: John Dee in Manchester’
Dr Michael Powell, Chetham’s Librarian, Manchester:

June 2011
‘The Arch-conjuror of England: John Dee”
Professor Glyn Parry, Lecturer, University of Wellington, New Zealand

2011 AGM
‘The Lord of the Smoking Mirror: magical objects associated with John Dee’
Dr Silke Ackermann, British Museum

2010 AGM
‘Dee and the alchemists’
Jennifer Rampling, Wellcome Research Fellow, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

The Queen’s conjuror: the life and magic of Dr Dee, adviser to Queen Elizabeth’
Benjamin Woolley, author