Saturday 10 March 2018
Open morning at St Mary’s, Mortlake High Street, SW14 8JA
An opportunity to visit the probable site of John Dee’s burial, to see an exhibition about his life and where he lived in Mortlake and talk with committee members over a cup of coffee.

Friday 13 July 2018
John Dee Tea
A birthday party cutting a cake for John Dee’s birthday.

Tuesday 16 October 2018
An illustrated talk by Dr Malcolm Hebron on John Dee and Prospero
preceded by the Annual General Meeting

Friday 26 October 2018
Doctor Prospero – a play for one actor, with musical interludes
by Stephen Davies
This play was originally presented at Salisbury Playhouse, and had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe.
By interweaving reminiscences of John Dee with scenes fromĀ The Tempest and songs of Ariel, it explores the many parallels between Dr Dee and Shakespeare’s Prospero.
Stephen is preparing a new production to be premiered at St Mary’s, with Gareth Armstrong, the original performer, in the part of Dee/Prospero.